Benefits of G Suite Business for Startup and SMBs

SMBs owners have to deal with unlimited expense because everything costs investment. They have to pay office rent, manage hardware for infrastructure management, pay taxes, hire employees and bear different fees. So, everything cost money whether it is small or large. The business owner wanted the solution to control their budget and don’t want to spend separately for software purchase. But unfortunately there is the software that critically needed by an organization and we can’t execute our processes without having them in hand. Google has provided us with a solution in the form of G suite business to manage our critical tasks efficiently.

What is G Suite Business & Why we Use it?

G Suite is actually a complete set of cloud based tool provided by the Google to improve productivity through effective communication. Adoption of G suite business can bring a huge difference in software expenses as it is professionally well-supported by Google. It offers an efficient and highly functional set of tools for a business for easy management.
If you’re are deploying G Suite business as a primary software solution for your business, it will surely support in keeping your team and management online to maximize the level of productivity in a small amount. These tools can also be used as free by consumer-level users. For business users, the minimum amount of $5/month per user also works effectively. Business consumers can avail different advantages including multiple accounts, a shared workspace for the team, accessible control panel and a lot of their benefits.

                                G Suite Business Features

User-Friendly Signup

G Suite business is offering an easy and user-friendly signup. You just need to have a domain name and complete contact information of the organization. If the domain name is not already available, you may acquire it during the signup process. Remember, don’t try to use any domain name like, etc. because Google may consider such names as a scam. Therefore, you’ve to include a genuine domain name as it is important for your business identity.

Communication Components

G Suite offers huge number for communication components for an organization. People might are already familiar with a few components i.e. Hangout, Gmail, Google Calendar etc. while the rest of them are new for business.

Free Trial

If you’re still worried whether G Suite is the best option for you and your business or not, there is no need to worry. Google is offering a 14 days free trial. Business can simply sign up and take a complete trial by using its tools and check whether the product is perfectly fitted with your needs or not. Once you got satisfaction regarding all tools and services it can be upgraded according to your demand. G suite Business is not only a solution but Google is also offering software with Basic and enterprise-level services with different features and storage.


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